Example CSM Comp Plan (Net Dollar Retention)

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We put together an example CSM Comp Plan but I'd be curious to get feedback and hear if there are other versions that the group could share. 

I'm also curious on 2 questions: 

  1. How do you partner with Finance on this?
  2. Where do you calculate comp plans? Excel? Tools?


Example CSM Comp Plan



  • Brian Hartley
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    Currently work with Finance hand-in-hand to design and develop the plan (small company benefits).  We keep ours very simplistic and comp all members on CS team, not just those who would be a CSM.

    Currently use Excel, with data coming from SFDC.

  • Andy Barton
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    Hi Jeff, 

    Depending on the stage, I would create the plan myself in a spreadsheet, and test it off the actual numbers from the previous quarters, making a case for some basic accelerators for specific results and behaviours that you want to encourage. If I can make it work from a results (and cost/payout perspective including reasoning how it gets funded) then I present to Finance leadership and ask them to adopt it in whatever their tool of choice is. 

    I always find it takes longer asking than drafting yourself and presenting. I agree with @Brian Hartley simple, predictable and for everyone!  

  • Effie Mansdorf
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    I know this is an older post, but curious how multi year contracts are handeled, and how orgs balance the distribution of the the accounts within the CSMs
  • sarahsandberg
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    @Jeff Breunsbach how did you land on 6% growth for the 8M book of business? Coming up with how to set the net retention target is where I'm currently mulling. We used to do it off $$ (book 50k this month) but I want to move it to a percentage.
  • Mark Flanagan
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