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Hi CS Folks,

I've been thinking about my personal CS journey. Has anyone ever been in a unique CS role or company? If, so what made it so unique? Secondly, has anyone been with a CS team where you had, as a team, less than 10 customers producing millions of ARR? Curious how those relationships were handled. 


To give background, Amount is lending platform. Our CS team is 15 but we only have 7 customers todate. I would say this is pretty different than many others but what do you all think? Have you seen this before? 



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    We have Product/Market fit at our current stage, and while I think we're unique because of how integrated we are across all internal orgs for our stage, it's probably still able to be written off as a really awesome and unique company team, rather than a unique Success org. I'm really looking forward to continuing to grow Success with that goal in mind though--I think it's invaluable to have early stage Success act as your CX advocate internally as well as being the external customer advocate.

    I can't commiserate on the 7 clients producing millions in ARR, but WHAT?! I could rant about the false promise of "golden goose" clients all day, I can't imagine how awesome it would be to have the benefits of that without having to juggle the relationship while fruitlessly attempting to keep your internal processes aligned so you can stay consistent and continue to scale elsewhere.

    It sounds like your team is essentially bridging that using Success, you've got 2 Success people to a single client? Are you guys running support as well? Very interested in what your team structure looks like!

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    Yeah, some account have a CSM+analysts. We are a lending platform at Amount. Our CS team drives touchpoints, issues resolution, roadmapping, discovery, renewals, etc. Since we are a lending platform, we help the financial institutions drive volume. Think of Amount as Ncino (just IPOd this week) but with a focus on lending, POS and all other elements of digitizing banks.