When your company has new initiatives in addition to your active goals in the CS department, do you

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Wanted to see how many of us have any incentive programs that are not part of the CSM's contracted Total Compensation. 

At RingCentral, we have our normal metric-based objectives compensation equal to 18% of our total compensation. However when we have some additional metrics we need to hit that are out of the norm, they don't make it part of the MBO; but a separate bonus.


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    @Kevin Mitchell Leonor, this is a great question!  I have seen sales spiffs work really well with CS teams, but they have to be timebound outside of MBOs.  For example, your MBOs are Retention Rate & Engagement and their is an additional spiff for Q2 on Module A Upsell to 10% of your book.

    If the team meets/exceeds MBOs but doesn't upsell Module A, they are still performing on target.  If they hit the 10% upsell, they get a Bonus.