In the Adoption Readiness Score, motivation is half of your score because it unlocks your time, enga

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Some of the ones I like to use is:

The Jones Effect or FOMO - By mentioning that the customer's competitors are leveraging certain features of your product, the target customer will manufacture motivation because they don't want to miss out on the benefits their competition is experiencing.

Problem Creation - it isn't exactly what it sounds like. Problem creation identifies a problem they didn't know they had when we collect the data. For perfectionists, highlighting a problem gives them the automatic desire of fixing it. This is where we could leverage the software features to help them attain the new goal.



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    Love these plays  @Kevin Mitchell Leonor and have used something similar, i.e. what is the cost/result of not adopting certain features (or the platform in general).

    @Ed Powers would love your scientific perspective on the FOMO phenomenon.

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    This is timely for me. Working on this with my team. Thanks Kevin!