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Manan Joshi
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Checking to see if anyone can share their template of Adoption playbook for Enterprise customers?

We're in the middle of creating playbooks - adoption, retention and looking for ideas. Thanks!


  • Sara Bochino
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    @Manan Joshi I think this is hard to "share" given it varies so much on your lifecycle, product, goals, and use cases. Gainsight has some great blogs on what to focus on when looking to create playbooks around adoption and retention that could help you spur some ideas on what would benefit your enterprise customers. Another way I've spearheaded this initiative is to host mini squad meetings with sales, cs, and marketing to come up with ideas on content that could support these customers and when/where in our lifecycle we should align these programs. 

  • Ronni Gaun
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    @Kevin Mitchell Leonor has developed the Adoption Readiness Score(?) which you might find interesting. 

  • Manan Joshi
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    Yep I saw the readiness score. Definitely interesting.

  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    definitely ask me anything about the readiness score. It was made with by CSMs for CSMs.

  • Jeffrey Nadeau
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    I agree with @Sara Bochino as it depends a lot on your type of customer, team size/resources, and use cases. I always focus on a plan with the customer's outcomes in mind. It's easy to build retention and upsell plans that are "your company" focused which is the wrong approach.

    If you start with the customer in mind and what the right steps they need to go through to see the value, you'll understand how to build out the playbooks and then customize them for each customer as needed.
  • Tim FULLER
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    Hi Manan,
    My previous role was in a boutique company running rapid adoption programs for enterprise customers. 

    Happy to connect and give you some tips.