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Nathan Petersen
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@Jay Nathan you mentioned in today's office Hours having a CSM segment starting up I think in August. Where would I find details about being included in this initial call? 

Additionally some feedback for your team, the conversation was great today! But I always feel like I have to show up in order to know what we are talking about then make a decision on if I have time to stay and engage, is there somewhere I can look up what the topics are going to be covered in advance?



  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    Hi @Nathan Petersen

    I would advise registering for the CSL Office Hours. @Jeff Breunsbach usually sends an email with the agenda. Jeff, can we check if we could add Nathan to that Distro?

    For the details of the CSM facing call, we will be having meetings about the format so more to come on it. Do you have any suggestions that are important to your value prop?