I am interested in sharing learnings on using OKRs for measuring your success and development as a C

Pam Mantaring
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O: Renew, Expand and Upsell my Portfolio

KR: Maintain an individual net revenue retention rate above 66%

KR: Increase the upsell and expansion dollars from 1% to 2% of my portfolio


O: Customers understand how to get the jobs they want done and value they seek from our product

KR: Increase customer satisfaction ratings on support calls from 70% to 85%

KR: Implement joint success plans with 10 key accounts 


O: Becoming a Novice to a Solid CSM

KR: Complete 4 EBRs for my most strategic customers 

KR: High satisfaction reported from customers on 3 Executive training calls




  • Marijn Verdult
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    Kudo's for this Pam! Have you developed those OKR's out of your own initiative or has it been recommended to do from above? 

  • Pam Mantaring
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    Hi Marijn, I developed these OKRs on my own ( although full disclosure I do CS for an OKR product), the direction from above is on our Annual Company Goals for me to have a line of sight on how I can contribute.