COVID benefits for parents

Rachel Jackson
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This question is not specific to client success but hoping y'all might have something to share. I am part of a cross-departmental team thinking through additional benefits that we might offer our employees who are parents if remote learning/schooling at home continues into the fall. Have any of your companies offered additional support to your employees with kids to either help them balance work from home or support additional childcare? If you've heard of any other companies doing this anecdotally, I would love to hear that as well. Thanks! 


  • Meghan Price
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    The company I work for hasn't released any formal SOPs around this but the employees with kids (myself being one of them) are also a fairly small group in the company. It's been approached more as an open conversation around flexibility with work hours vs classroom focus, ect. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had a more formal policy come out. We're in Arizona and just found out today that school's are postponing the first day of school which is already making me sweat a little bit. haha! Great question!

  • Rachel Jackson
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    Thanks Meghan - we have also been giving all employees (parents or not) flexibility in working hours since we all started to work from home in mid-March. But same here - I am in Texas and things are not looking great for returning to school in the fall so we're trying to get ahead of things (trying not to freak out too far in advance but yikes!).