Health Scoring For Tech Touch Customers

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I'm taking lead on the tech touch segment at Gainsight (aka "Digital Led"). I've created a preliminary health score and would love your thoughts/feedback on it!

Here at Gainsight, we use something called the D.E.A.R. framework:

1) Deployment - Has this customer been deployed at a fundamental level?
2) Engagement - Have we engaged with a key stakeholder or executive on a call?
3) Adoption - How's their breadth and depth of adoption?
4) ROI - Have they achieved verified outcomes?

For digital led, here are my thoughts in regards to our product.


Have they done the basic set-up required?

RED - No



Measured by engagement: 1) Call with key executive, or 2) Attendance in monthly office hours

RED - No engagement at all in last 90 days

YELLOW - Engagement with 1 persona last 90 days with EITHER call or office hours

GREEN - Engagement with 1 persona last 90 days with BOTH call & office hours



OCD = Original Contract Date


We will automatically send out surveys every 6 months to ask if there are any goals achieved.

RED - Did not achieve anything in the last 365 days

GREEN - Achieved at least one goal in the last 365 days


  • Jeff Wayman
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    This is awesome Alex. I love what you have here. I'd love to steal adopt it.

    A few questions, mostly for my own learning...

    Regarding deployment, could you elaborate a little more on "Basic Setup".

    This one may be semantic, but if you are managing a tech touch approach is there direct contact with an executive sponsor? How do you manage that? In orgs where I've managed this we've mostly had a self-service process, and it's been via email. I think the attendance at a 1:Many even.

    As a precursor, I've only had limited exposure to Gainshight. With regard to the goals you list, do those correspond to specific features that enable those? Is there more specifics around, for example, what metrics they're measuring like you have with adoption? This is the only one that feels it may not provide true insight to achievement. Though, I still think it's a great start, and it may be lack of understanding on my part.

    Again, great job. Love what you've done here.

    - Jeff
  • John Bosch
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    Hey Alex,

    I love the DEAR framework.  Can you expand a little more on Deployment?  Is there a specific milestone or data trigger you are looking at to define "Done".  Also how are you thinking about sentiment, (NPS or CSAT)? 
  • Alex Tran
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    Thanks for your reply, @Jeff Wayman!

    "Basic Setup" is in the context of our product. In non-technical terms, our customers would need to install something on their application for our product to work at the most fundamental level. In your context, determine "What are the basic setups or actions your customers need to do to get deployed in your product?"

    Although it's tech touch, we can never be fully tech touch. There is direct executive engagement. There are a few ways that we're doing this. About every 6 months, my director reaches out to the designated executive to have a "check in" for a lack of a better word. Those conversations are more high level and strategic. The other way we have more "human touch" are monthly up-leveling webinars put on my our CS team (me + another person usually). I track their attendance in Gainsight...every exec conversation/call is tracked in Gainsight for us.

    Yes, with regards to the goals, adoption goals correspond to specific core features (top 5 valuable features). This is measured by breadth and depth of adoption.

    Hope this helps!
  • Alex Tran
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    Hi @John Bosch!

    Deployment is meant in the context of your product. For you, think "What's the most fundamental thing that customers need to do / install to get started?" It's different for every product. For us, we need to have them install something on their app (non-technical summary).

    We have quarterly in-app NPS that goes out. If they answer Detractor, it creates a risk CTA for the CS team to reach out to. If they answer Promoter, we have a CTA to reach out to them to leave us a G2Crowd review.

    Let me know if this helps!!