Generating Meeting for CSM's

Luke Zancanaro
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Quick question!  What do any of you do to drive up meetings for your CSM's?  We have a process that works well when a customer actively works with a sales rep and gets handed off to a CSM but I am looking to drive up engagement with our current longer tenured customers. We have task based alerts that trigger opportunities for CSM's to reach out and also do a quarterly account review email with a video attached from the CSM.  I was thinking about putting in an "SDR" type of role to "cold call" the existing base of clients to gauge interest in upgrading to new plans or checking on integration possibilities and then having the SDR set up a meeting with their CSM.  Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • Jarren Pinchuck
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    Hey Luke, a few quick question to get more background.
    • What are you trying to achieve by increasing meetings for CSMs?
    • Do your customers request more time with their CSMs?
    • Are your churn or risk numbers reflective of decreased engagement?
    • Conversely, is there an upside (renewals or upsell opportunity) to increased engagement?