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Martina Guerra
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Hi Colleagues,

We are in the process of redefine the health criteria for our paying customers and one of the main indicators for us should be task consumption. Each Customer depending on their subscription has a maximum number of tasks that they can use.

Now, the doubt that we have is that most of our customers are on a monthly subscription basis which means that at the moment of the renewal their licences (tasks) count will go to 0 on the first day of their renewal - hence making the account look unhealthy - al least for a certain period of time.

Do you have any best practices on how to base the health score for  monthly task consumption?

Thank you!



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    Hi @Martina Guerra - can you do a rolling 3 month avg.  So you're not just looking at tasks consumed in the moment, but over the course of 3 months how many do they consume.