How do you run your weekly team meetings?

Kelly Hook
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How do you structure and run your weekly CS Team meetings? I've recently delegated a lot more and gave more ownership to the CSMs across their accounts. Very interested in the best practice of others in their meetings. 

Do you review a dashboard and have your team report on any escalations?  Present at-risk customers? Round-robin present on accounts? Currently, we look at open tasks for the team and then the team raises escalations/concerns about accounts. We also discuss any team tasks/goals toward our OKRs. 

I also manage support and the support team joins this call and presents a short report on urgent tickets and any notable patterns/issues. Support is a small team (only 1) so I don't want to separate it out from CS just yet in the weekly. 


  • Karen Werner
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    We meet biweekly for an hour and we meet every Monday and Wednesday for a 15 minute stand up.

    At our biweekly 1 hour meetings this is the structure:

    • Everyone shares a rose and a thorn from the past week - great way to learn about the team's week and get the team to engage. Can be personal or professional.
    • Review our team's kpi's - we track 3
    • Review out team's quarterly goal progress and account transition status
    • Call for blockers or help
    • Usually we will have between 1 and 3 more topics such as next quarter's goals, a new process to review or a professional development topic to go over
    This structure has worked well for our team to build unity and cohesion. By meeting on Mon and Wed each week we stay in touch because we are all remote. We also stay in touch via Slack in real time. The team has really built a very cohesive bond and I often hear them saying they reached out to each other for help on a 1:1 basis. I love that. We are moving through a very reactive stage right now and I am doing double duty as a manager and a Customer Success Advisor. Until we get past both situations I do not anticipate handing off responsibility for team meetings to the Customer Success Advisors. But I do want to delegate in the future for sure. In the case where I have been working with one specific team member on a process or project, I'll have them present that in our team meetings. I also expect when we move past this reactive phase we will have weekly meetings and share more account specific scenarios and customer engagement experiences as your team does. 

    Hope that helps...