Using Hubspot as your main CS tool

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Hello everybody.

Does anybody have experience using Hubspot as your main CS tool?

Any tips and best practises, I need to know about.



  • rdetroch
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    Hi @Antti Nevalainen , I’m new to this community and just browsing around the discussions. Although it’s an old post, I just want to give it a shot: I’m the CS Lead at a small start-up also using Hubspot as the main tool to scale CS (in combi with Jira, Slack, G-Suite..). Would love to connect with you and share ideas!

  • Kari Thor
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    Hi @rdetroch and thanks for reviving this thread :)

    We are starting to work on integrating our CS/AE feedback tool with Hubspot. Would love to understand how you are using Hubspot in your line of work to get a better understanding of how to integrate with HS.

    Would you be interested in jumping on a quick call?

  • missyharbour
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    @Kari Thor @rdetroch I am also using Hubspot as my main CS tool. I’m attempting to integrate it with some analytics and development tools but I know there is more I can be doing. It would be great to connect on a call if you’re open to it! I’d love to hear what other tools you use/how you integrate.

  • Anna Alley
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    Following! I just moved to a start up that's using Savana and Hubspot. Would love any insights!
  • Eric Cheshier
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    Following.  Also new to Hubspot and working on building CS activities/tracking at a small company.  
  • Kyla Bosch
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    Antti Nevalainen and would love to hear how you are using Hubspot for CS management in particular managing your metrics? Thanks :) 
  • KevinWileyFong
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    I'm interested in this as well!