We need your help GGR!

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For the past 6 months we've been recording a LinkedIn Live session with @Kristi Faltorusso....

Since Day 1, we've been saying "What should we call this?" 

And sadly, our creative brains have come up with some options like..

Kristi and the J's
Kristi and the boys
and pretty much every other variation with "Kristi and..."

Well, now we're asking for the community to help us so we can give this a name and let it stand alone.

So, are you willing to get creative? Are you willing to put your name out there and win our contest?

Winner will get to join us for a session...and maybe some other merchandise (yet to be named)



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    Can't go with the J's. It's the close to the Jasons who does The Jasons Take on the World. Although knowing Jason Noble and Jason Whitehead, they would tell you to go with the J's. Haha. But may be confusing from a branding standpoint.

    honestly, this is a real headscratcher.  What should you be called? I personally still prefer the GGR name, so

    Gain Grow Retain Podcast Hosted by Kristi and the J's. Has my vote. Especially since it still builds on our community recognition