What are your KPI's for "tickets per agent", and "cta per csm"?

Ido Barnoam
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Hi everyone.

We are a medium-sized company (±270 employees) and growing rapidly.
We are trying to get a measure of the right figures of a few metrics in our larger CS team. We have a support team and a CSM team.

Our support team handles incoming technical tickets which consist of their main work capacity.
We also use Gainsight on top of Salesforce, and our CSM's have CTA's that are automatically triggered, that they should attend to. This is on top of other things they need to manage.

We are trying to understand what is the right number to have for tickets per support agent, and for CTA's per CSM to maintain a healthy balance and not overcrowd our CSM's or overwork our support agent. 

I appreciate that these figures might vary based on the company size, industry product, and tons of other things, but would love to hear some thoughts and compare notes.

Are you using such KPI's? If so what did you find works for you?