Ed -Tech Customer Success; Metrics/Thresholds for Trigger Alerts

Lisa Davis
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I'm looking to connect with other CS folks in the EdTech space regarding their approach to metrics and thresholds to trigger CSM customer engagement. Our CS org is relatively immature but we are to the point where we need to work on our automation and triggers in order to scale our customer reach. 
Any insights are appreciated! Thankful for this group and forum to connect with other CS leaders!


  • Surendranath
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    Hi Lisa,

    It is a very broad question to answer, and some more specifics would help.

    I have been working in the corporate e-learning space for the last 6-7 years, so I think I have few points to add.

    Coming to the metrics, below are a few that we capture (some might be specific to B2B e-learning domain):

    - time spent on the platform

    - what content has been accessed more widely across the customer's org

    - popular topics, content, etc.

    - how many users are recurring (not one-time users)

    - licenses consumed

    Now, coming to the triggers for customer reach, a few examples of how we use metrics for customer connect:

    - platform sends a notification to users who didn't log in to the platform for more than a month or few weeks

    - personalized recommendation emails based on users activity

    Of course, there are many more that we use (both automation and manual approach), but I don't want to go out of the subject.