Hoping to get my CSMs away from working out of email

Simon Cundall
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Good morning!

I'm hoping to connect with a few of you on how your teams handle communication with clients. We currently use SalesForce as our CRM, and SF Inbox to log emails for tracking, and are close to signing up with a CS platform also soon.

What I'm looking for is a way to work directly from SalesForce with engaging with clients, to provide a higher level of accountability for my team - but the main challenge I'm facing is how to deal with incoming messages from clients and what they should turn into in SF.

Any tips would be great, I'd also love to jump on a zoom with anyone to talk further and also open to any vendors who may have a tool to help me resolve this. 

Thank you in advance,



  • Banafche Garnier
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    Hi Simon,
    I believe you have that option in Hubspot. Once the contact is created, incoming messages in the mailbox are created in Hubspot as well. 
    Hope that helps,