GGR Office Hours Topic:Making sure that the customer doesn't have multiple POCs lets say Marketing,

Anna Alley
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How do you address/manage the problem of a customer potentially having multiple points of contacts in your organization and how to know who to contact for what?


  • Steve Bernstein
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    Hi @Anna Alley -- This is exactly what a "Voice of Customer" program should help you do. As part of the customer's assessment of their experience and success with your company, I recommend you also include a question like, "Please rate how you feel about the way [Company Name] manages the relationship with you" or similar. That is, I never like to ask a question specific to the CSM because of (1)  there's so much outside the CSM's control, such as the number of accounts they manage and other cross-functional processes that the customer doesn't need to understand, and (2) because the CSM needs to be engaged with the program and if they get a whiff of feedback being used directly against them then you're opening the program up to gaming by excluding key contacts. 

    So when a customer rates their "account management" experience poorly, it's a perfect opportunity for the CSM's Manager to get involved and ask what they've experienced vs. what they expected... the answer will tell you if change is needed (such as having CS be the "resource manager" to route and engage others appropriately).

    What do you think?