What was your *favorite* accomplishment in 2020?

Jeff Breunsbach
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What was your *favorite* accomplishment in 2020?

Let's take a look at our crazy year and point out the things we were able to accomplish. 


  • Joshua Lyons
    Joshua Lyons Member Posts: 8 Seeker
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    Hired our first CSM!  Yay!
  • Karen Chambers
    Karen Chambers Member Posts: 15 Thought Leader
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    I turned Pro and became a professional athlete in the fitness world.  #IFBB !!!
  • Scott Morgan
    Scott Morgan Member Posts: 24 Thought Leader
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    Moving to St. Augustine so my kids can go to a good school. This is the happiest I have seen my kids, at school, for two years.
    Personal accomplishment is getting my PMP and keeping the 30 pounds of weight off I lost last year.