Engagement Model - High, Medium, Low Touch

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Hi all, 
    I am in the process of defining a prioritization for my designated CSMs within their book of business.  I would like for them to deepen their engagement on their top customers.  I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions on High, Medium and Low Touch Engagement models and how they defer in activities. 

Look forward to your suggestions. 



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    As a Customer Education professional, I am very interested in the concept of CS High Tech, because I think it means you are going for an in-app product. I think this article might be of some use.

    Patti Shank, PhD's article about macro and micro learning can shed light on how to use in-app tours to deliver training and content.

    • Micro-Learning: "Short but complete learning experiences." Clark Quinn
      • In-app displays step-by-step instructions to complete a task within the application
    • Micro-Content: Short article or video (no other interaction)
      • In-app displays or links to a short article, picture, gif, or video
    • Macro-Learning: Training courses (Instructor-Led or Self-Paced)
      • In-app displays links to relevant courses

    Which job title do you think responsible for each part?