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Corinne Goldberg
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Hi GGR Community, 

Happy 2021! What does the Future of Work look like for Customer Success professionals? As organizations continue to adapt the workplace to a new normal, where teams operate remotely and/or a hybrid, what changes have your customers experienced at their workplace? Have you had to adapt your engagement model as a result? What success/challenges have you experienced along the way, and how do you think the CS industry will evolve in light of new ways of working? 

I'm interested in the Future of Work for CS and would be keen to hear from this Community of experienced CS professionals. 

I shared some thoughts on the topic here: The Future of Work for Customer Success  - Where have I hit the nail on the head, and where am I missing the mark? 



  • Vanessa Parada
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    Hi Corinne, 

    I think the major changes of our work environment in 2020, have given CS teams the opportunity to really show just how valuable we are to our companies. I think that  Customer Success is seen as a "Second class citizen" sometimes compared to sales when it comes to how vital it is to the company. The pandemic gave a lot of CS teams the ability to show just how valuable our day to day conversations, and built up relationships were to our companies. We don't just trouble shoot client issues, we are strategic partners that help our clients realize that THEY NEED US! We are a tool that our clients need to survive. I think that the SaaS industry will be greatly expanding their CS teams and realizing more and more how valuable a strong CS team is. #CustomerSuccessIsEveryonesSuccess

  • Corinne Goldberg
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    Great point Vanessa. Changes in the workplace and the value realized from CS teams specifically during periods of change was the impetus behind exploring this topic, and I'm glad to hear you also feel there's a big opportunity for CS. It will be fascinating to see how organizations adapt and look to Customer Success as an integral advisor to support them through their journey toward new ways of working. Thanks for sharing.