Executive level engagement during an onboarding process

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Hi GGR Community, 
I am working on tackling some New Year Resolutions in my customer implementation/onboarding lifecycle on other ways to provide engagement or value to an Executive Sponsor during an onboarding process. I currently have existing touchpoints in our process, but I am looking to take that to the next level. I am looking for other creative ways to show value to the Exec level, without having them involved on every call of the process, as I typically have a Primary POC for that (and there will rarely be an Exec level sponsor who is able to join every meeting).

I'm curious to hear what other teams are doing, and would love any creative iterations on what you have found to be successful (or even things that you tried that were unsuccessful)! 

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    Hi - a few ideas that we have used. Not sure if that really 'creative'...

    - Drop the executive an abridged quarterly update note via email. A 'no-action' required email that is purely informative, quick read
    - Provide a financial update via email (usually best if you've been able to bring costs down recently)
    - Drop them an article that is relevant to their industry, and either informative, or just interesting (use top, well known sources only)