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Ramya Ragavan
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There was a discussion topic for "Customer Success Plan templates" and I had mentioned I was willing to share what we had put together for our team - a lot of interests and requests to join the call but let's face it...timezone challenges!

I have attached a copy of our template for anyone to view, gather ideas, etc. I understand that no company and/or no client is the same! Real success lies in "making it your own" so your clients can better relate to what you share and present to them - I would love to hear how you made it your own and how it helps drive success for your client base!

Hope what I share helps and inspires you! I am open to your constructive feedback on our template - anything we missed? anything we need to update? Welcome all suggestions!


  • Liam Farley
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    Thanks Ramya,

    Expanding on the "making it your own" theme, I'm interested in how much co-ownership your customers have on the plans? How do you get them to interact with any documentation? Have you (or anyone else reading this) considered a collaborative whiteboard tool like Miro for success plans? It's an idea I've wanted to explore and wondering if others have already tried it. Would love to know if so and what the experience was.