Customer Success Platforms and Integrating Live Chat Support

Luke Cullimore
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Hi all,

First time post - really glad to be a part of this community! 

We are reaching a breaking point with our Customer Support Tech Stack - we use Intercom for Live Chat only, we don't have a traditional ticketing system. (Zendesk e.t.c)

I am envisioning this lack of a ticketing system could become problematic for our growing Enterprise funnel where our CSMs will need to see a curated view of the broader Support Experience. Which is best enabled using a ticket based system.

I am currently reviewing vendors but am preferring to stay with Intercom as they have recently released some ticket based workflow features - operationally it makes sense for us in the short term but long term I have concerns about how well this could integrate with a CS Platform.

We use Hubspot currently for our CRM and do not currently use a CS Platform (Gainsight, Totango)  though I envision at some point in the next 12 - 18 months this may be essential. 

Zendesk and other ticketing systems seem to integrate very well with CS Platforms whereas Live Chat tools like intercom don't appear to, I have a concern that I might solve the immediate need but cause further problems down the road.

If you could help on the below:

- Are there any examples of a successful integration between Intercom and a CS Platform?



Luke Cullimore - CS Ops Lead



  • Sara Bochino
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    Hey Luke! 
    Great post. Yes, many CSPs integrate with Intercom (Vitally, planhat, catalyst, Gainsight). I think you need ask yourself are you looking to push data to intercom? pull data or both? 

    Also, understand the goal of the integrations. 

  • Brian Hoffman
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    Hey Luke, 

    Great question--any CS tool is only as good as the data going in so integrations are key (garbage in, garbage out).

    ChurnZero has a native integration with Intercom to pull in conversation data (and is also is a HubSpot Certified App partner).
  • Luke Cullimore
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    That is great to hear and alleviates my initial concerns! My goal initially is to implement a Support Tech Stack that scales but knowing from Brian and yourself that there are native integrations to get Intercom Live Chat data into a CS platform is honestly great to hear! 

    Indeed though these are questions I will begin to ask in the coming months so thanks again for guidance! 

  • Jordan Silverman
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    One interesting side note to add in. Make sure the integrations do both tickets and chat.

    Totango for example only integrates Zendesk tickets not Zendesk chat.
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