Visualizing Customer Success: Building a Collection of Images

Jeremy Mulder
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Hi GGR community - What are some of your favorite images for visualizing customer success? How have those images helped you – e.g. to better serve customers, to motivate your team, to align the company, to see trends, to showcase outcomes, to help your mom know what you do, etc? I'm ready for a refresh on how I think about CS visually. How about you? Looking forward to finding the venn diagram of CS leaders and visual thinkers and learning out loud together. 

My own initial answer: I've really enjoyed the Winning By Design team's customer journey visualization, which I've recreated here. Given all the various puzzle pieces of CS, this visual feels a bit like the picture on the puzzle box and helps me 1) stay focused on the needs of customers and the company, 2) have a system, 3) measure progress, 4) stay motivated to make incremental improvement, and 5) have a focal point for departmental alignment and discussion.  And if I'm honest, it feels nice to look at, too.