Charging for Support

Krista Lugo
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Does anyone charge a premium for your support offering?  If so, I'd love to hear about your experience with support being a paid service.  Do you have tiers?  Basic support is free, but then a premium for more dedicated support or access to additional support channels?  My biggest challenge or concern are the lagging indicators of overall client health and the impact this might have on renewal numbers.  Any advice, comments, thoughts are much appreciated!


  • TJ Waldorf
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    Hi Krista-

    We have a number of premium support options many of our customers really appreciate. We also offering paid training and certification. 

    To me, your questions/concerns about client health and renewals all depend on the value exchange. If your premium support offering provides a value worthy of the price tag, customers will likely become even 'healthier' because you're giving them more of what they want/need. One thing to keep in mind are competitive alternatives, of course. In other words, is your premium offer being provided as a standard, non-premium offer elsewhere. Just keep that in mind.

    Hopefully that helps.