What problems are you facing as a CS professional?

Alex Thebert
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Hi Customer Success Professionals!

As we think more about exploring what "Retain" really means, we'd love to hear from you what kinds of problems you're facing as a CSP. Most likely, these are issues being faced by many in our community and by surfacing them, we can begin figuring out how to solve them.

Similarly, if you have figured out how to solve for an issue facing the CS community, and would like to share your experiences during a webinar or other forum, please jump in!

Looking forward to building with you,

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  • Janet Cassar
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    One of the issues that seems to be always present is how to measure our success. For example, adoption can be hard to measure and the metrics used to do so can be misleading. I'll give you an example of what I'm seeing in most software enteprises. Most time, we'll measure adoption by the # of software licenses used by our customers. While this is true, it is certainly not THE ONLY metric that should be taken into consideration. But how do we measure adoption activites (ie. roadmaps, trainings, workshops, ect.) done but a CSP? One can certainly lead to the other, but not necessarily in every case and it can be a lengthy process. So how can we promote our role within our business when what we doesn't fit into a cookie-cutter approach? This is only ONE example, and I find it can be very tricky.  :)