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Shari Srebnick
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Long overdue, I finally got an Exit Interview pilot program off the ground.  As we're closing out Q1, I want to create a deck to present to Leadership (Sales, Marketing, Product, CS) to share my findings as well as recommendations for next steps.  I'd love to hear from anyone who has done this successfully (or not), how they presented, and what they found to be most impactful.  

For starters, this is the outline I've created to help shape the direction:

1: Initial Objectives
  • What did I seek to learn and why now
  • How it ties to our business goals (helps to remind the audience of why and what this is about)
2: Top line results and themes
  • What did people love about our software/their experience
  • What did people hate about it
  • Any emerging patterns
  • Experience vs Expectations (and where those came from, if identifiable)
3: Financials:
  • Why we need to act on this, i.e., what is the cost of ignoring this data
4: Next Steps/Follow Up
  • Address where we can improve
  • If/when we fix the problems, potentially consider reaching out to share with them.  They may not be clients, but if they had a generally good experience and left on good terms, it would show that we were committed to improving and they might consider us again in the future.  
Suggestions, questions, comments - all welcome!  Thank you!


  • Anita Toth
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    Hey Shari

    What amazing timing!  I gave a talk last night called "How to Conduct Killer Exit Interviews and Use What You Learn to Stop Other Customers from Leaving".

    Near the end, I cover some of the steps involved to make an impact with the results (starting around minute 31:20). 


    Of course, happy to chat with you about what you're presenting and how to make the most impact.


    P.S. I've also attached a mini-guide for anyone looking to create an exit interview strategy.

  • Ed Powers
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    Yep--Anita crushed this last night! Great presentation. Chock full of great pointers! She's got this stuff wired.
  • Shari Srebnick
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    Of course Anita crushed it!  :)

    Thanks for sharing, Anita.  I'm going to watch and also read that guide.  I'll reach out once I've digested everything.

    Great stuff!!
  • Steve Bernstein
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    Hi @Shari Srebnick-- why wait for the cancelation vs. keep customers engaged and telling you what works and what needs to be addressed, several months prior to their renewal event? If the "customer" (in quotes because I'm not sure what personae you intend to interview) isn't engaged with you to provide feedback while it's still important to them, will you be able to get their feedback after it no longer matters to the customer?
  • Shari Srebnick
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    It's ironic that you bring this up (well maybe not so ironic), because one of the key takeaways for me - that stood out immediately - was that the CSMs need to be having better/more in-depth business related conversations.  They tend to focus too much on subject matter, and not enough on the bigger picture.  Now, I won't put the blame solely on them; as the leader, that falls on me.  I need to dig into this and find out why, but also coach them in a way that builds confidence to have those conversations. 

    IMO, I think it is a combination of being comfortable because you have a good relationship with your champion, and lack of confidence or fear of having these conversations and finding out things are not exactly as rosy as you thought.  CSM's can often tend to coast along on the "we have a great relationship and they show up to every call" and then get dinged later.  

    I still think it is valuable to have the Exit Interview, but I also believe we need to be better at driving those conversation regularly.
  • Bob London
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    Hey, Shari. Well said regarding helping CSMs have more business-oriented conversations. Here are a couple resources for CS leaders on that exact subject:
    Happy to chat any time to provide context, guidance, etc. if you want to get your team started down this path.

     - Bob