Customer Success tooling that integrates with Hubspot

Rianne van der Heijden
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Hey all! 

In my current role we are heavy Hubspot users. I am looking to start using specific CSM tooling, ideally a tool that integrates with Hubspot. I see Gainsight has a Hubspot integration, is anyone here familiar with it or perhaps is already using it? I'm also open to suggestions for other CSM tools that work well with Hubspot. Really just hoping to get some insight into the CSM tools out there that integrate with Hubspot and whether or not the integration lived up to expectations.

Please share your experiences! 



  • Melissa Flygare
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    Hi Rianne,

    I know you're already following the other thread about this topic but wanted to reply to you here too. 

    Most of the established CS platforms should have an integration with HubSpot available - Gainsight, ClientSuccess (my company), ChurnZero, etc.   Not all integrations are created equal, so be sure to dig into the details and "lift the hood" to understand exactly what it will take to get it set up.  

    I work for ClientSuccess & I try really hard not to be too salesy here!  If you are interested, I would love to talk to you about what you need & show you how our bi-directional sync with HubSpot works.  Just let me know if that's something you would like to do!  :)
  • Sophie Quinn
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    Hey Rianne, 

    My team here are also very heavy Hubspot users. I'm currently trying to decide whether we can make Hubspot work for Customer Success or whether I need to venture out and get our own tool. 

    Had you used Hubspot to try and manage CSM? Did you make a decision on a CS tool to use? How has it been? 

    Thanks heaps in advanced!