Anyone using SDR type roles on your Success Teams?

Kay Marie Hodge
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I am looking to hire 2 new Success Development Representatives to assist the Success Team in making proactive engagement outbound calls to our current large client base. This will be a brand new role and will not be a part of Sales but will execute cross-sell initiatives as well as promote focused action items for our current clients. Is anyone using SDRs currently on their Success teams? I would love to connect to see what you did during the recruiting and training phases!

Thank you in advance!


  • Brian Hansen
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    I really like this approach, Kay. While we don't have this role specifically either, we have account executives who manage our existing business and instituted an initiative to make those same outbound calls. It was quite successful from the standpoint of understanding our customers' goals and uncovering upsell opportunities. The upsells were then transferred to a sales rep to help close. That formula is working well. 

    That being said, to try and help with your question, the people I'd be looking for most would demonstrate three main qualifications/skills:
    1) Passion for helping
    2) Excitement to follow a process with creativity (i.e. hitting each question in a checklist but not taking a robotic approach to it)
    3) Ability to probe and challenge without fear because they're driven by #1 above, the desire to help.

    If you have a great product, and can line people up to max it's value for current spend and demonstrate ROI with excitement, those people would do well. 

    Hopefully that helps a bit. Thanks for posting the idea and question!