Customer Success Detractors

Jeremy Mulder
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X is the biggest detractor of Customer Success at my company.
  1. Who or what is X?
  2. What is X's why?


  • Marcus Sparks
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    1. Prioritization is my biggest detractor
    2. Early stage SaaS is the reference. 2 or 3 CSMs. Well defined process is lacking, and attention management is challenging.
    • you have good people, with good biz sense - you can get good process in place
    • but the first action is to ensure that your 3 CSMs are prioritizing the Customer over all else and that leadership has your back on this
    • clear the blockers to customer-facing time and help your CSMs prioritize customer conversations 
    • ask for action not motion...action that is reflected in documented call activity in the CRM (that's PHONE CALL, not email contact)