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Kelly Drey
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I'm working on an analysis and redesign of my CS team's renewal workflow, and looking for suggestions, templates/tools that you've used to lead this type of project, and what worked well or didn't work for you. 

We have 20 CSMs and recently hired our first Account Manager, whose role needs to be integrated and positioned to scale. We need standardized processes and deadlines for the customer touchpoints during renewal and a clear delineation of who owns what. We'll use ChurnZero and SFDC for automation. 

If you have any best practices around renewal processes, generally, that you'd like to share - that's great! I'm also specifically looking for project management strategies and tools for scoping this type of workflow project, structuring data collection, pain point analysis, who should participate and how, implementation tips, etc. Designing and building the automations feels like the most straightforward part of the project to me. 

Thanks so much, and have a great weekend!

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