Bringing CS and SaaS to a Less-SaaS Industry

Brian Hansen
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Hello, GGRers! I am having fun leveraging what I'm learning about best CS practices to an industry that doesn't usually experience a high level of dedicated, systematic engagement.

The insurance carrier industry is one that is accepting more exposure to SaaS products with the push of insurtech, but they're not necessarily used to approaches like NPS surveys and QBR meetings.

Does anyone have experience bringing CS techniques to people/decision makers that aren't used to, say, the types of questions being asked and the sharing of ROI data, to keep them renewing and growing? 

It feels like a great opportunity to create a unique customer experience. Thanks for any thoughts!


  • Maor Gershoni
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    Hi Brain and GGR community,

    I recently joined a SaaS start-up operating in insure-tech and I very much agree with the points you raised.
    I have been working with SaaS during the last 10 years in CPG, F&B, E-comm - it is always a challenge - if it's to help people trust the algorithms, understand how the product connects to their day-to-day use cases and improves their work, agreeing on the measurements for success and more...

    The challenges will change based on the industry we are working in and the specific departments, within the organization, that we work with and of-course our companies goals and how we see our value and success.

    Currently with insure-tech I think the biggest challenge I am seeing is - Creating the trust in the software and for users to agree to let the machine manage (our product has very strong AI/ML capabilities) - this is where I see the CS role coming in - helping clients see and measure the value and performance

    I think that some of the best practices we work with - value journeys, alignment on success criteria's, QBRs, etc. - will have a very positive impact on the experience - even if it is new to our clients - because at the end of the day they are all focused on the value the client is getting.

  • Brian Hansen
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    This is great feedback, Maor, and matches with my experience as well. Many times in the insurance carrier space, I've seen the "if we didn't build it, it can't be that good" mentality, so breaking that sentiment is an important. To your point - and the other thread here - it needs to be about OUTCOMES. "How has your in-house 'thing' delivered ROI and what are the costs to it??"

    I'll be keen to know if others have any thoughts around this, too. 

    Thanks, Maor!