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@Veronique Montreuil, I've led Customer Success for a large non-SaaS company and know where you're coming from. In that role, closed-loop feedback process was vital to customer satisfaction as was our ability to adapt to changing customer expectations and requirements.

Keeping a pulse on renewal probability was key to understanding and mitigating churn. Happy to engage with you.


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    Thanks @David L Ellin  

    We have high executive engagement on many of our top/strategic accounts. We try to build a strong partnership so we can basically attempt to have a seat at the table and try to influence the strategy shift. 

    Many customers in our industry shift their infrastructure strategy to move to Hyperscalers (AWS, GoogleCloud, Azure).  Even if they love us as a partner, are satisfied with our service performance & support levels, and are very engaged with us, that strategy shift is independent.

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    @Veronique Montreuil, it sounds like your company has some opportunity to develop new offerings that enable happy customers to stay with you. Can you find ways to delivery additional value so they stay with you?

    I believe your company's website says you have 'direct access to hyperscale on ramps...' Does that mean you're a stop-gap for companies not yet ready for AWS and others and that's the niche you're serving or does that mean you are trying to play in that space but are falling short of adding that value?