Topics of discussion for leaders joining the introductory meeting with customers

Marco Carrubba
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 I started an initiative to establish the principle that senior leadership gets invited to the discovery meeting with the customer (the meeting that positions Customer Success before the onboarding). Do you do the same?

If so, what topics do you find work for the customer for you to address, beyond introductions?




  • Surendranath
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    Hi Marco,

    In our current organization, we do practice it occasionally (depending on the size of the customer), but I wish to see it happening by default for all customers with a certain $ value.

    Anyhow, I wish some of the below (if not all) to be covered in those meetings:

    Understanding Customer

    - Understand customer's business, how our solution(s) help them in their business
    - How our solution/platform sit in their ecosystem
    - What results they expect from our solution
    - Understand their expectations from us as a team/vendor
    - How do they measure success/success criteria/metrics
    - How often they would like to have a exec review meeting 
    - Their hierarchy/team matrix
    To Customer
    - Highlight few things regarding product/processes (not in detail, and based on what customer talks/their interests)
    - What value our teams (CSM/Support) can bring to them/how a CSM can help/etc.
    - Set right expectations
    I want this preliminary meeting to be more focussed on understanding the customer better and giving them the confidence that they got the right team and solutions.
  • Marco Carrubba
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    thanks Surendranath - this is very useful!