Partner Success best practice, building blocks

Catherine McGrath
Catherine McGrath Member Posts: 2 Navigator
Has anyone designed or built a partner success programme? Would anyone like to have a chat with me about the must dos, don't dos, play books and how to navigate the pitfalls of changing the status quo?
Fun stuff!!!!


    TIM JOYCE Member Posts: 1 Navigator
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    Happy to help if I can.   What stage are you currently at?


  • Harish Maiya
    Harish Maiya Member Posts: 12 Contributor
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    Hi Catherine,

    Yes, happy to help. Are you designing partner success programme ground up or adding it as part of existing customer relationship?
    Can share playbook of partnership & customer strategies. DM me for more info.

  • Georges Arnaout
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    I have been investing in Partner Success for quite some time now and would love to chat with other leaders about this topic.  @Catherine McGrath , @Harish Maiya and @TIM JOYCE - would you be up for a call ?
  • ehumpierres
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    Hi Georges :) Long time no see. Did this call about Partner Success already happen? I'd like to participate if it hasn't.

  • Steve L McDougal
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    Hello there

    I have been working on a Partner Success model for a while now and its working pretty well. Happy to connect on a call.



  • Sandeep Rai
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    Hi All, I have been working in partner success and happy to connect on call.