Client does not see CSM as source of truth, default is to try and connect to other team members

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I lead a success team at a software company. We have an instance where a client constantly asks to be connected with other resources in the company beyond the CSM. It sometimes is a result of the CSM setting epectations or delivering news that is out of scope for our software, but most often it is just he default for the client to ask to be connected with memebers of the product team or leadership. Our company does not operate that way, we run lean and there are not other resources to speak to on principle of prrotecting people's time.  I would love some talk tracks or strategies to get this person to understand that her point of contact in the company is the CSM, and what the CSM says goes. How have you in the past built up the CSM as the source of truth for a client whose default is "escalate"?


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    Hi MC, the best strategy is to manage it head on. I have the following recommendation:
    1. Look at the revenue contribution of this client as a percentage. Big revenue contributing accounts have a way to escalate pretty fast up the chain. 
    2. Do an internal level stetting (make sure that the internal stake-holders will support you in this conversation). Also loop in Product folks who might be eager to respond to the customer, and inadvertently might be reinforcing this behavior.
    3. Understand what caused this behavior to start. For example some customers just enjoy reaching out straight to product. Makes them feel in control and that they have a direct line. In other cases, a bad experience made them lose trust in their CSMs. It has happened to the best of them.
    4. Armed with this information: clearly ask them "What makes them escalate?" Understand the root cause through general probing. Also highlight that they are better served to go though their CSMs as you can work through the internal processes, people to get them the best answer. What is in if for them and that they will not be losing anything in the switch" Net gain 
    5. Deliver. You are building a new customer habit. We need to be conditioned., and unfortunately we need more positive touches to counter any prior negative bias. 
    Hope that helps.