Churn Zero vs Gainsight vs other

Molly Henson
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Hi all! 

Actively looking at options for CS Management Platform. We're heavily invested in Gainsight at the moment but recognise they are a lot more pricey than others. 

Really keen to understand people's opinions. For context, we use the following systems at the moment  - 

- Zendesk
- Salesforce
- Salesforce Marketing Cloud 
- Tableau
- Zuora 

Whatever nuggets of insight you can add would be much appreciated e.g. implementation time, support after implementation, risks, headcount addition, what you would do differently if you had to implement again etc etc. 



  • Numrah_Irfan
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    Hi Molly - I am in a very similar boat (our integrations requirements are different), but also in assessment phase. Thanks for the asking the question.
  • Rachel Provan
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    Hi Molly,

    You might want to check out Totango. They have some good functionality and integrate with zen desk and salesforce. I feel like they have more similarities to Gainsight than churn zero or custify.