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Alix Alkemade
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hello dear all,

I am attending different interviews for a Senior CS job position and I have been asked a question I would like to get your point of view:

- in this job position I will set new processes and best practices -> how will you convince other CS (all over the world) of these new processes while they have already their own and you don't have any management role, also they have been there for years

Also do you think the customer sector (in this case orthodontist ) makes any difference in the way you manage your role and develop the relationship with your customer?

Many thanks and have a great day


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    Hi Alix,

    1) To have a truly standardized way of doing things will give the CS team expectations on how processes are to be conducted. It is important to show the value of those expectations, I would also highly recommend making it a collaborative effort. Your CS team sees value in their processes. They may have to give up certain value added activities if we standardize. However, if the team sees a collective value in that activity. then it can be added to the standards and practices.

    2_ Being a trusted adviser is an important aspect of managing customer expectations. While it will be difficult to match the expertise of an orthodontist, a CSM is gifted in one area that the orthodontist is not. That is the product knowledge and best practices. It is important not to discount that just because our customers are perceived to be more educated on the surface.