New Name for QBRs

John O'Connell
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Hello Everybody,

Recently have been thinking about renaming our QBRs. I feel like a "Quarterly Business Review" is very bland and doesn't sound as engaging when it comes to our customers. 

We usually try to have these once per quarter where we quickly go over their numbers from this quarter, while then looking to see where we are in relation to the goals we set. we then review what has happened and then plan towards the next 3 months so we can get us even closer to their goals (hopefully blasting past these goals).

I've been wondering what others call these as well. I have thought about Quarterly Success Review, Quarterly Success Plan, or even calling it Quarterly Success Planning. 

Curious what others thoughts are on this as well, and why you use the name that you do use.



  • Kristi Faltorusso
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    I changed the name for my review about 2 years ago and we now refer to this as our COR Meeting - Customer Objectives Review Meeting. My team likes the acronym and it's more meaningful.