How to build a Customer Success Strategy from ground up.

Ebere Ukoh
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Hello everyone,
My name is Ebere Ukoh, I am currently a Business Development at Waape. 
Waape is a talent marketplace that empowers employers to use their business challenges as an opportunity to get matched, engage with and hire talent across the East African region. 

As a job seeker or freelancer, Waape provides a platform to not only showcase their skills, abilities and previous works to a wider market but also gets them automatically matched and notified about open earning opportunities through through Waape matching algorithm. 

As a Business Development Rep, I was involved in getting Waape's first clients from prospects to leads and then customers. I have also been an active member of running onboarding and platform tours for the newly acquired clients. 

But as the platform grows, we have discovered the need to track freelancers progress and record satisfaction levels among clients which will then help the platform's sustainability in the long run. 

I proposed creating a Customer Success Strategy and Plan. With me as the first customer success head Waape will have. This was received well and I was asked to create a ground up plan and goals of what customer success will look like in the context of Waape as a company. 

- What areas do you think I should look at that will create the most impact?
- In the beginning, what should I focus more on? 
- How do I start with a blank slate?

Thank you in advance. Any input is appreciated