CS Ops - Hire for Gainsight ability or analytics/process improvement?

Rachel Provan
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Hi All,

I am hiring for a CS Ops role, the first in our company.  Our Gainsight Admin just resigned, and being the Gainsight Admin will now fall to the new CS Ops hire.  Which would you look for first?  Gainsight Admin experience, or data analysis and project management experience?  I know learning Gainsight is a heavy lift, and having no one on there will set me back a long ways, as everything flows through there.  

My admin was still trying to figure out Gainsight after a year in there, so I don't know that a four hour intro course is going to get my new hire what I need.  

Thoughts? Experience?

Rachel Provan


  • Katie Baker
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    Personally, we've hired all of our Gainsight Admins internally (no Gainsight Admin experience) and trained them. In those situations, it is very important to make sure the person has a strong analytical mindset otherwise as you mentioned training can be overwhelming. That said, we always had another internal admin to 'keep things running' while the new hire got up to speed. To us, it was more important to have company/process knowledge. If I was hiring for a single admin that wouldn't have another trained admin to work along side, I'd highly recommend finding a certified Gainsight Admin...or at least an admin with ample experience. They'll still need to learn your company but will have the background knowledge of Gainsight to get up to speed quickly and potentially bring some process/configuration improvements based on their experience. Those things are worth their weight in gold!