CS Spiff programs

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We are interested in rolling out a CS Incentive Spiff. What sort of programs have worked or are working for you?




  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    We currently have a collections related spiff where we are able to get a bonus if the team manages to help collections collect a specific goal.

    We have also had early adopter spiffs. 

    Basically if we want to influence additional metrics or initiatives, we put some money behind it.

  • Brian Hartley
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    Hey @Denise we have done a marketing SPIFF incentivizing CS members on earned media, PR, G2, Case Studies, etc.  That was well received.

  • Chris Jones (CJ)
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    Hi @Denise I do believe this will be based on the industry you are in and what you already compensate your team on. for example I have seen Spiff for upgrades, for Professional services signed, even for percentage over your OI retention. I hope this helps.

  • Tejas Satyan
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    Hi @Denise , our product portfolio has expanded due to multiple acquisitions over the last year. We generally use Spiffs to accelerate the introduction of these new products and it has been received well. We also use Spiffs to introduce new Professional service or Education offerings as well.