Scaling a success team

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Hi all, 

I'm looking for some advice on how to talk to our execs and Board about the fact that simply installing a CS management system doesn't remove the need to backfill headcount! 

Does anyone have any experience of communicating this message and/or examples of how scaling your own CS function has worked? 



  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    Consider the financial impact and metric risk. 

    Take the average amount of hours needed to
    • support a customer
    • upsell a customer
    • recover a failing customer
    • maintain satisfactory NPS scores
    Show how the current headcount doesn't allot for those needs and display the financial impact and the opportunity costs.

    If your numbers show that each CSM rescues 100k in ARR, upsells 100k in ARR, and creates 100k in referenced leads ARR, then this is an easier conversation to have. 

    Know your numbers and stand by them. Be prepared for questions like "what are the results if we increased CS workload?" Maybe those numbers fall to 50k in ARR rescue, 0k in upsell, and 0k in referenced leads ARR.