Slide / Power Point Best Practices and Design Training

Leanna Castello
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HI GGR Community,

My team could use a brush-up on presentation (slides) best practices and design. Has anyone found a good Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, or another course they've found helpful?

Thank you!


  • Andrew Marks
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    We are just getting ready to release, later this month, our Level 5 certification which includes a 2-part course on PowerPoint/Google Slides Design training and best practices for presenting.

  • Shaw Li
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    I don't think you need anything fancy, but I always go back to Slideology by

    I've found her work great for presentations (assuming people are using slides as documents, in which case, I call those Sliduments.
  • Jordan Hopkins
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    This isn't a full course but it's on point and so helpful!

    Plus, it showcases slide deck best practices. ?