Sales Navigator for CS?

Devon Lee
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Does anyone have experience using Sales Navigator with your Client Success teams? This ties into a question that was discussed during yesterday's session around how do you track when clients move roles or companies. 



  • Alon rozenberg
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    Yes, we have accounts for the CSM and it's definitely worth it. We use it mainly for identifying new contacts in the organisations which we may want to reach out to and educate about the solution.

    For clients moving to new roles or companies we found out that Zoominfo is much more detailed in that topic and you can also get new contact details etc. I would considering getting one of account for that to test before you get license for all. 

  • Brian Hartley
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    Hey @Devon Lee I heard someone last week on office hours mention .  I signed up and it looks pretty promising but not near the scale and maturity of Sales Navigator.  We also use Crunchbase too.