Resource tracking for onboarding

Lisa Hecht
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Hello, I'm looking for any advice or insights on the best way to track resource hours throughout onboarding and implementation. 

For context, we are a growing startup, and our platform is a business management system/ERP. As with any system like ours, onboarding is highly involved and currently pretty hands on. As we scale, we're looking for ways to make our onboarding processes more efficient. 

To that end we recently purchased a customer learning management system and a tool for in-app guidance. For now these are tools used along side our implementation managers hands on onboarding process. As we continue to build out these tools with more and more content, we want to be able to measure the impact on our resource expenditure. And in particular we'd like to see the impact on specific types of touch points - Training, Go-Live Support, and Data Migration. 

I'm having trouble identifying the most scalable way to track these resource hours. My gut is to use Salesforce to log activities as event types, and log their duration. But as I try to model this out I am having trouble pulling the appropriate reporting and I am beginning to think that there may be a better way. 

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or advice! Thank you in advance.