30-60-90 day plan for CSMs and CS OPs

Rachel Provan
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Hey all,

I'm hoping someone can help me out with some resources.  I'm getting a few new team members soon and I'm looking to create a 30-60-90 onboarding plan for them.  Has anyone done this for their CSM team or CS Ops team?  I'm definitely struggling more with the one for CS Ops, but would love to see anything similar that people have created just so I have a jumping off point.  Both my kids are home on quarantine so I'm looking for anything that can get me further down the path before they start in a couple weeks.



  • Matt Hill
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    Hi Rachel,

    Although I do not have any answers for you, I would also like to know more about how others have gone about this process. I'll be keeping my eye on this post!

  • Bertil Weil
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    Hi Rachel, nice to meet you virtually. This is top of mind as CS teams are growing rapidly. In my opinion, we should implement a time to value for CS too!

    Here is an example of a 30-60-90 CS onboarding framework:

    1. 30-day: Learning
    > What does this person need to learn? Start with the basics and work up to the more sophistocated.

    2. 60-day: Building
    > How can this person begin to contribute? What can they deliver first to have quick wins and gain confidence without changing too much too soon?

    3. 90-day: Doing
    > What should this person do by now that they couldn't do at 30 days? 60 days? What accomplishments should they have checked off the list to be considered fully ramped?

    We should document and measure this framework into 3 parts:

    A: People Goal
    B. Company Goal
    C. Role Goal

    Finally, I personally find having a "CSM Onboarding Cheats" sheet - where everything in broken down per week - extremely helpful!

    Happy to further dive into this framework if you find it helpful.



  • Melissa Flygare
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    Hi Rachel,

    Here is an article on the subject that you may find interesting:  https://www.clientsuccess.com/blog/5-step-action-plan-to-set-csms-up-for-success-in-their-first-90-days/

    Hope you find something useful :) 

    Good luck! 

  • Sruti Satish
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    Hey Rachel,

    Nice to e-meet you! 

    Here's a 30-60-90 day Onboarding plan for CSMs that we follow. 

    1. First 30-day plan-  Understanding existing processes!
    >> Ensure that they understand the business and its revenue model during this period. Meeting all the stakeholders can be a starting point here.


    2. 30-60 day plan- Planning next steps

    >> Once your CSMs understand the processes, it's time for them to plan the way forward. Learning about the product roadmap, creating a customer strategy, deciding upon critical KPIs, etc. can be the areas of focus for now.


     3. 60-90 day plan- Execution!

    >> It's time to put learnings into action. Some key points include choosing a CS tool (if there's none), approving budgets, planning and refining the processes, etc. 

     Most importantly, following a template can work wonders. We have a "90-day CS plan template" for our new CSMs which provides a roadmap for them to follow. Breaking down tasks with an approximate timeline will be truly helpful!

    We follow this template, in case you're interested- The 30-60-90 Day Customer Success Plan template



    Happy to help if you'd need any further assistance!