What are some resources to help us build our discovery skills?

Diana De Jesus
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I'd like to continue developing this skill and would appreciate any recommendations from y'all. I'm currently reading "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss and it's insightful but I need something a bit more practical. 


Thanks ?


  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    Love this question @Diana De Jesus - this has become critical to CSMs.  These were a couple of examples I thought about: 

    Go read public filings.
    Go listen to speeches from their executives.
    Go read their case studies.
    Go research their 5 biggest customers.

  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    A sales class is also a good place to start. Discovery is where business is won.

    one thing CSMs and sales does not do as much as they should is auto-discovery. Gather publicly available information. It’s what sealed the deal with my interview at RingCentral. I used Uber’s 2020 goals of expanding into global markets as a business need that we could impact

  • Jeffrey Nadeau
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    @Diana De Jesus Great question and I think you can easily find plenty of books about Sales or CS professional development. The approach I like to take here is to read books about personal growth as this tends to lead towards a better understanding of people and yourself which then enables you to have more authentic conversations. 

    I like "The Four Agreements", "Daring Greatly" and "The 5 Second Rule" -- They all bring different values to you as a person and I think you will end up being better at connecting with people which is what discovery is really all about.