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Hey GRR fam!

I started a new job recently as a CSM and one of our objectives is to engage with the Executive Sponsor. I'm inheriting the vast majority of my accounts from another CSM.

The challenge:
  • The Executive Sponsor (ES) is generally not that involved nor uses the product. 
  • My contacts are the Admins or Adoption Champions who are the "owners" of our product at their company
  • In my transitions of accounts, the ES's were not involved in the transition call
  • Sometimes when I reach out to the ES directly, the Admin will feel disrespected or they're gatekeeping the ES
  • I don't have any prior relationships with the ES
  1. How do I get at least a 15 min meeting with the Exec Sponsor without upsetting the Admin? (Granted, I've only had my hand slapped once)


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    Hi Alex,

    Great question... and very challenging. 

    One suggestion that has worked for me is use the excuse that you want to highlight something the admin or team has accomplished for the executive.

    EX : "You've achieved xyz growth In this area bc of how you implemented abc feature – I want to put together a quick video and 5 min call with exec sponsor to highlight this achievement …. "

    More importantly, as much as we hate upsetting or disrupting out POCs/Admins, its far more important to make that connection with the Exec.   The admin will play middle-man and think they know whats best.  They'll tell you "Don't go to the exec, that wont help"!  But I promise, if that client cancels, you'll be kicking yourself for not being more aggressive.  

    Your bosses will ask "Did you even  contact the exec directly…" "did you message them on Linkedin",  "Did you go around your POC." …. You don't want to leave anything on the table, and you don't want the admin to control how you manage your client.  

    Easier said than done. I've made this mistake too many times, so thought the encouragement might save you some of my mistakes ?.